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Abbey Baker
Abby Goodman
Abigail Richardson
Aja Topps-Harjo
Alan Forsyth
Alana Joiner
In honor of Keir Martike
Alex Wortendyke - Class of 2032
Alexander Vajsova-Jones
Alexandra Richter
WRA taught me so many important life skills that I will be ever grateful for!
Alexandria Anzaldi
In honor of Emily Barth
For the woman who helped pave the way to the future I always dreamed of!
Alicia Evans
Alicia Snyder
Allison Oudemool
Amanda Allis
Amanda Ball
Amanda Sudilovsky
Amy Carpenter
Amy MacLean
In memory of Mrs.Manoli
Amy Swegan
For the amazing Give Green Day team! You rock!
Andrea Brechtelsbauer
In honor of WRA’s amazing faculty and staff!
Andrea Dittmore
In honor of Mr. Gerber
Andrew Boniface
Andrew Hlavin
Andrew Miller
Go Pioneers!
Andrew Swett
In honor of Mrs. Manoli
In honor of Mrs. Manoli
Andrew Thomas
I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for WRA!
Anita Philibin
In honor of WRA Coaches
Thank you!
Anne Gentile
Anne Myers
Anne O’Shaughnessy
Grateful for the unmatched education and lifelong friendships I made there!
Anne Scarabello
Anne Wyman
Annette Rippert
Annie Kelly
Anonymous Alumnus and Spouse
Arland Zatania Lojo
Arthur Johnson
In honor of Ben Sindell
Ashley Sorensen
Barbara Closen
In honor of Brand Closen
Barbara Edmonds
Becky Susany
In honor of Barb and Brand Closen
Bill & Betsy Lockwood
Bob Frazier
Brad and Beth Pethel
Brandon Davies
Brenna Pethel
Brigid Kloostra
Britta Latz
Bronya Boykin
Brooke Barsella
Brooke Hovan
Bryant Christian
Caitlyn Schooner
Cameron Ott
Caral Aguilar
In memory of William Holmes ‘64
An incredible school- happy to support!
Carla Davis
Carla Geraghty
Carlin Szilagyi
Caroline Wittlinger
Carter Frato-Sweeney
Catherine Else
Catherine Walker
Attending WRA was the most amazing opportunity for me to make lifelong connections and memories. I cherish my time at Reserve and will always support the school because it impacted my life in such a positive way.
Chad Jasiunas
Thank you to everyone involved in the school. It is a wonderful place and look forward to my son attending in the fall as a freshman to make more memories!
Chad Tyler
In memory of Andrew Guglielmi, '99
Chad Tyler
In memory of Graham Flagg '99
Charles Firke
Chip Little
Chris North
In honor of Colin north
In honor of class of 2020 - Covid cancelled graduation
Chris Wortendyke
Go Pios!
Chris and Robin Marshall
Christine Barger
Christopher Lin
Christopher Sacher
Chuck & Susie Dix
In honor of Midge Karam
Cindy Carter
Clifton Maze
In honor of Tom H. Paterson Jr.
Cole Campbell
Collin McGill
Connie Yuen
Connor Polak
Curt Dunnam
Cynthia Ott
In honor of Rachel Ott
I am so proud of the accomplished young lady you've become. You've faced adversity, taken it on and flourished, staying true to yourself and maintaining your own high standards. You're meant for excellence and I can't wait to see it.
Cynthia Pardo
Dale Janik
In honor of Bob weiss
Dan & Amanda Apanasewicz
WRA provides an experience for students to excel in both academics and sports. #GoGreen
Dan Serna
Daniel Galea
Daniel Kobick
In memory of William Luntz
Daniel Schiffer
Darlene LaFontaine
David Chiarella
David Crafts
David Gilmore
David Ito
David King
David M. Lawson
David Mikula
David Myers
David Sanders
Dedra Adams
My daughter in law was a 96 graduate and now my twin grandsons are freshman.
Delia Rabatin
In honor of Beth Rabatin
Dena (Coulis) Lytle
Dorian Adams
Dylan Sheridan
Go Pios!
Ed Frato-Sweeney
Edward Leonard
Elena Bell
Elias Baumann
Elizabeth Jones
Ellie Doe
Ellie Frato-Sweeney
Emily Barth
For a community that embraces opportunity, change, and voice.
Emily Kalis
Emily Polci
Emily Ridgway-Limle
Emily Winson
Emily Wiser
Emma Horgan Fanning
Eric Miller
Eric Rauckhorst
Erica and Jay Jimenez
Ethan Hicks
Evan McCauley
Evonne Hanna
An Exemplary Educational Experience for Students, Teachers, and Families!
Faith DeBolt
Family Philibin
Frank Banks
Freddy Spataro
Frederick Laub
Geri FitzGerald
In honor of Donoson E. FitzGerald
Gregg Bauer
Griffin Trau
Guy Gundaker
Guy Sheffield
Gwen Miller
Halley Marsh
Hallie Ritzman
Hannah Barry
Heather & Norbert O’Brien
Heather Reece
Heather Wilson Banks
Heather and Richard Lewis
Herb Haller
Herb Haller
In honor of Kirsten Gauthier
Holly Bunt
Holly Rubin
Hugh Barnett
The older I guy, the more I appreciate my experience at Reserve
Iiyannaa Graham
Inga and Chip Walker
Our family has a long history with WRA with four generations graduating from WRA. We believe the time spent at WRA was the most transformative time of our lives. We are grateful for all of the dedicated faculty and staff who work so hard to make it such a special place.
Isa Mester
Isabelle Murray
Jack Koch
Jade Duval
In honor of Miriam Messiah
Jaewon Choi
Jaime Kenny
James Fowler
James Greenwood
James Nobil
James Williams
Jamiel Maze
In honor of The wonderful faculty and staff that support Mia each and everyday.
So grateful for WRA and it’s commitment to education both in and out of the classroom.
Janet Schaeffer
Jasmine Jackson
Jason Wang
In honor of Mr. Gilbert and my other teachers
I would like to have this donation dedicated to my advisor, Mr. Gilbert, and all other teachers that have supported me academically and helped me to get into college
Jean VanDivner
Jeff Rummell
Jeff Warner
In honor of Tom Armbruster
Jeffrey A Sirak
Jeffrey Dean
Jenna North
Jennifer Fowler
Jennifer Geric
Jennifer Kale
Jennifer Strilesky
Jennifer Taylor
Jessica Chung
Jessica Gruden
Jessika Parry
Jiejun chen
Wish WAR a better future!
Jillian Williams
Jim Finefrock
Jim Morse
Jing Sui
Jing Sun
Jinwoong Nick Lee
Jisoo Pae
I appreciate all the effort of WRA.
John Ainikkal
John Bovyer
In honor of Graham Flagg ‘99
John Buck
I love this place
John Fowler
John Hersch
John Levis
John Mauk
John and Laura Stropki
Johnny Swegan
Jonathan & Jenny Graham
Joni Chapas
Joseph Eppy
Joseph and Christine Granata
Josh Pethel
Joyce Davies
Judy Chen
WRA is my home, I am just supporting my family here!
Judy Israelson
In memory of Christine Manoli
Juhie Vijayvargiya
Julia Clarke
Julie Badynee
Go Pios!!!!
Julie Krueger
Justin Berthelot
Love WRA
Kali Chapas
Karen Brace
Karli Nielsen
In honor of Lois and Kelly Howell
Karyn Guttman
Kate Milliken
Kate Winson
Katelyn Depew
Kathy Johnson
Katie Chlysta
Katie Ong
Supporting WRA in honor of my fellow classmates from the Class of 1983. Hope to see them all at our 40th Reunion in June!!
Katie Velbeck
Katie Zampelli
Keelin Hyland
Kellee Ostrander
Kelly Baeza
In honor of Christine Manoli
Kelly Howell
Kelly Kline
Kelly Mendelson
Kent Borges
Kevin Rattigan
Kim Bump
Kim Liegl
Kimberly Winson
Kj Archer
In honor of C. Ray Campbell
Kristen Ressler
Kristin Kuhn
Kyra Bradley
LAUREN Henn Devaney
Laura Boniface
Laura Kisthardt
Lauren Bishop
Lauren Krutowsky
Lauren Pratt
Lauren Wood
In honor of The staff in Morgan Hall ❤️
Laurie Allen
Laurin V Kline
In honor of Laurin V Kline 1951
Lena Yoon
Leo Qian
Leslee Subak
Linda & Ed Giannini
Lisa Adams
Lisa Conrad
Lisabeth Robinson
Liz Okuma
Lloyd Ross
Lois Howell
Louie Maznik
Lucy Saner
Lydia Stropki
Lynda Gallagher
Lynn Krapf
Lynn Ogden
In honor of Sarah H. Ogden
Mackenzie Clark
In honor of Katelyn Lazor
Macky Peck
Maggie, Ben and Annie Baker
Marc Rauckhorst
Marc Robinson
Margaret Haller
In memory of Kirsten Gauthier- Newbury
Margaret Ilersich
Maria Paparella
Mark Abell
Mark LaFontaine
In honor of the wonderful teachers who support our students in all they do!
Mark Welshimer
Mary Barclay
Mary Dunne
In honor of Aylie Fifer
Mary Le Rouge
Matt Hard
Matt Hard
In honor of Tom Armbruster
Thank you Mr. Armbruster - my Advisor and a great teacher. Always knew knew what students needed, even if we didn't. Thanks Mr. A!
Matt Liegl
Matt and Danielle Satterly
Matthew Dunne
In honor of Laura Shannon
Matthew Grguric
Matthew McCormick
Maya Nilavar
McKenna Polak
Meg Colafella
Megan Gibson
Melissa Gaynor
Michael VanBuren
Mika Takahashi
Mike Rakowsky
Adelante! El Al!!!
Milena Djordjevic
Miriam Gin
Love this!!!
Miriam Messiah
Mitch Pollock
Molly Forkins
Monique Wingard
Nate Barnett
Nathalie Perez-Cino
Nathan & Kara Stutzman
We are grateful and proud to be part of the WRA community!
Nathan Chlysta
Nathan Phillips
Nathaniel Cain
Neal Freeland
Nicholas Derrough
In memory of James Robertson
Nick Bentley
Nicolaus Mills
Nicole Weaver
WRA is a great school. My daughter is a senior this year and has made great friends and memories at WRA. From her teachers, advisors and soccer coaches that have helped her along the way we thank you so much.
Nikki Avdis
Niraj Naik
Noah Frato-Sweeney
Noel Becker
Olivia Robinson
In honor of Elizabeth Ann Fricky
Palak Wall
Pat Sweeney
Paul Corto
Paul Thomas
Pavel Sullivan
In honor of Midge Karam
WRA will always be home!
Peck Family
Peter Campanelli
Peter Wood
Peter and Debi Trau
Phil Thornton
Philip Archer
Philip Jones
In honor of Christine Manoli
Philip King MacBride
In memory of Sharon Dunham MacBride
Rachel Boyd
Rachel Smith
Ralf Borrmann
In honor of Lois Howell for her friendship and service to WRA
Raymond Murphy
Rebecca Cartellone
Rebecca Janssen
Rich Seil
It is a privilege to support Reserve
Richard Hamlin
In honor of Teddy Jacobson
R.I.P Teddy - I will always remember our time together in Hobart
Richard Lipton
Richard Peller
In honor of Laurie Allen
Thanks to Laurie Allen for her efforts on behalf of the WRA Math Department.
Richard Wells
When I go to the site, my computer advises that it is not secure. I hope that it is. Can you verify that?
Rob Lucas
Robert Aguilar
Robert Kimicata
In honor of Russ Hanson
Robert Marias
For all those who make a difference in the lives of their students.
Robert McCloud
James Gramentine had a lifelong effect on teaching me how to think critically.
Robert McCuskey
In memory of Sidney W McCuskey, '25 and Jeannette Scott McCuskey, '25
Robert Simeral
Robert Vizmeg
Roger Muarshall
Rose Vardell
In honor of my incredible team, the Communications & Marketing Office :)
Rosemarie Smith
Russell Morrison
Ruth Andrews
In honor of Bill Roemer ‘51
Sam Clark
Sam LaFontaine
Sara Sartarelli
Sarah Forhan
Sarah Forrer
Sarah Pryor
Sasha Maseelall
In honor of Anne Chapman
Dr. Chapman showed me how to pursue my own curiosity without apology. To this day, I go where my mind takes me.
Scott Masiella
Sean White
Selena Walsh
Shannon London
Shelley & Jeff Brooks
Sherry Chlysta
Sherry and Marty Franks
In honor of Reserve’s remarkable faculty, current and former.
Sonia Sandhu
I support WRA because WRA supported me during formative high school years as a boarder! I appreciate the opportunity and privilege that a private school experience offers!
Sophia Paris
Stephan Cole
Stephanie MacDonald
In memory of Lisa MacDonald Lee ‘95
Stephanie Schneider
Stephen Colopy
Steve & Amber Agresta
Steven Kuller
In memory of Lew Kuller
Susan Bauck
Susan Regal
Susannah Spearman
Love WRA and Suzanne Buck
Suzanne Buck
Taylor Larabee
Terri & Patrick Sweeney
Reserve is such a special place for students to attend and the Boys Soccer Team is first class!
The O’Sullivan Family
Thomas & Leigh Kischke
Grateful to be able to support such a joyous institution.
Thomas Seligson
To support my school.
Tiffany Ott
Timothy Davies
Todd and Beth Coryea
Tom & Betsy Barry
In honor of Tom Hudson
Tom Vince
Tommy Dunne
Tono Adkins
Toure Claiborne
Tracy Limbert
In honor of My new coworkers and hopefully long-time friends!
Tracy Schooner
Trevor Marticke
Ty York
Tyler Coryea
Tyler Swegan
Vishvas and Nikita Hegde
Walter Wingard Jr
Life-changing experiences and memories.
Wanda Boesch
In honor of To all the amazing faculty who give 1000% to the students
Weston Wortendyke - Class of 2036
Will O’Brien
Will and Gina Becker
William & Cathleen McKinzie
William Austin
In honor of Brand Closen
William Bartlett
William Better
William Dunne
William J Jennings II
In memory of Laura Shannon
William Marting
Willim Holden
I loved my years at Reserve. The friends I made there are the ones that mean the most and last to this day.
Zach Zockoll
Zeb Leciejewski
Zhuoga Deji
Zoe McCormick
Carl Lindblade
In memory of Dorothy M Lindblade
Hannah ghoubrial
James robinson
We are very thankful our son had the opportunity to attend WRA.
John steen
Lindsay dean
Mark johnson
In honor of Richard Willoughby, '65
only school I ever graduated from! Matriculated in four different colleges and somehow dropped out of all four...It's complicated;-)
Sean park
We're proud to contrbute to Green Day in honor of our senior.
In honor of Boys’ Soccer Coaching Staff
Let’s go WRA Lacrosse!!
Keep up the good work. The youth is our Future.

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